Who is KreaKaan?

Eduard G. Kaan is working with 2 brands as a trainer and consultant.

With the brand of 'KreaKaan' he tackles with creativity. He teaches numerous creativity techniques and supports companies and their staff members to increase and develop their creativity.

He is also able to deliver them insight into
* Creative Problem Solving by Osborn/Parnes (CPS) and/or
* TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) by Altshuller.

Since 1996 he specialised on these topics and educated himself at trainer meetings, seminars and conferences.

KreaKaan helps to overcome mental blocks. Also to develop new ideas and to implement them. He supports production, marketing and sales as well as R&D and people who foster continious improvement.

Eduard G. Kaan (nickname: KreaKaan) is member of the German Association for Creativity (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kreativität e.V. in Mainz/Germany) and the E.A.C.I. (European Association for Creativity and Innovation). He also stays in contact with numerous other creativity trainers all over the world.

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