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Eduard G. Kaan, born in Vienna/Austria, has lived since 1975 in Salzburg/Austria.Working as a student in a Viennese hotel, picking tobacco in Canada, delivering newspapers in Munich or working as a shepherd in Sweden he saw quite a lot of several countries and learned a great deal about people. Besides that he studied for a long time at the Vienna University of Econimics and Business Administration. Since 1971 he has worked in sales (Orac Publishing Vienna, Rank Xerox Munich). Since 1975 he has worked as a Sales Trainer in Salzburg.

Eduard G. Kaan owned the company BrainTrain in Salzburg from 1984-1996. BrainTrain offered seminars for personal development. Kaan designed his first creativity training in 1992 and focussed more and more on this subject. Since 1996 he has specialised completely on Creativity. At the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences he has been teaching Creativity and Innovation between 2001-2012.

KreaKaan helps to overcome mental blocks, to develop new ideas and to realize them. He is assisting Production, Marketing and Sales, R&D as well as Continuous Improvement.

Eduard G. Kaan (nickname: KreaKaan) is member of the German Association for Creativity (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kreativität e.V. in Mainz/Germany) and the E.A.C.I. (European Association for Creativity and Innovation). He also stays in contact with numerous other creativity trainers all over the world.