Working Method

Since many years KreaKaan is engaged in methods how people may learn easier and better. Therefore his workshops and seminars are designed in a way to activate his participants.

With individual and group work, in plenum discussions and presentations there is room for an atmosphere of fun at work.

After a phase of realization (aha!) there is a phase where new ways are shown. A first exercise always acts in a different surrounding (not belonging to the daily practice of the participants). This provides mental blocks and minimizes reservations and experiences.

Once it has been practiced a second exercise is follwing. This one is coming from the real business life. This helps participants to get some experience and they will take home already a few results they can work on. To recapitulate the participants get also a manual. There they find a theoretical background. And a few working sheets for exercises.

At workshops KreaKaan chooses the appropriate approach. Instead of a manual the participants get a photo protocoll after the workshop.