Who is innokaan?

Eduard G. Kaan is working with 2 brands as a trainer and consultant.

With the brand 'innokaan' he is working in the field of Innovation. He is moderating workshops with the topic of Innovation or coming along with special projects of Innovation.

He mostly uses
* Creative Problem Solving by Osborn/Parnes (CPS) and/or
* TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) by Altshuller.

Since 2006 he manages also a Blog (in German language) under the name of 'Radikale Innovation' and is commenting as ' innokaan' in numerous other blogs which are engaged with innovation.

The innokaan helps to approach innovation processes in a systematic way. And (if necessary) to install an Innovation Management (an Innovation Manager).

What is 'KreaKaan' doing?