Some proposals for Seminars

The Egg of Columbus
Creativity is not a born gift, you are able to learn it! For everyone of us. In breaking open all the barriers in our heads. Learning new techniques that reveal all our creative potential. We do a journey to the abilities we had as a child - leaded by KreaKaan. Because creativity makes life more colourful and problem solving easier.

Ideas on Demand
The mobilisation of creative potential enhances ability to work in a team and also increases motivation. Nevertheless most of indoor creativity workshops end in talk. Because the basic requirements are missing: Stimulating the creativity and thinking out of the box. Knowing all this you will give you access to fast and exceptional results. Creativity needs practice!

To implement Ideas! - CPS (Creative Problem Solving)
What makes an idea valuably? The implementation! Which you may steer systematicly. With the method CPS (Creative Problem Solving) by Osborn/Parnes. A concept that leads you through the whole creative process. Invented more than fifty years ago in the United States it has been refined every year since. What makes the difference most of the other creativity methods? Solution Finding is packed in 6 steps which are worked out creatively - a continious process arises.

The soft access to TRIZ - (More innovative with TRIZ, the theory of systematic inventing)
Being one step ahead of the competitors while developing new technologies. With TRIZ, the systematic model to solve challenging technical problems/processes. As the inventor Genrich Altshuller said: „Creativity is not a born gift, every engineer can learn to be innovative“.

All these contents mentioned above and other contents as well can also be adapted to the special situation of a certain enterprise. If you are interested just call +43 699-12872 859.