Examples of projects

Training of an Innovation Team for future projects
This secret project lasted more than one year and all members of the team met each other nearly once in a month. The goal of the team was to think (besides daily work) about breakthrough innovation that could help the company in the future to guarantee an important position in this branch. The team found various ideas and some of them were directly implemented in daily work. The craziest idea still remains in the drawer, but never gets out of sight. All members of the team belonging to R&D use a lot of the new creativity techniques they learned during this year.

Training of the inside creativity group (New impulses from outside!)
The company owns her own creativity group since years. All team members come out of different parts of the company. Being only a part-time member working for this group, each member of the staff took over small creative tasks from different parts of the company. To get some input from outside, the client asked me to bring some new impulses from time to time. I showed them new things I had learned und the team members charged their 'batteries'. Also they could use them not only during their creativity meetings but also during daily life.

Education of "innovation scouts" in a company
A company wanted to raise the innovation level actively. My suggestion: We choose a group of "innovation scouts" spread over all the company. They would serve as contact person and get active to collect new ideas. These 'scouts' were trained in seminars what is important to get innovation and how to collect ideas. During an 'Innovation Day' they took over the roles of facilitators. About 80 employees came in with ideas to quite a lot of different questions. This company is still working on these ideas...

Advanced Training of the R&D Team
To qualify a whole R&D Team the company first ordered a seminar about how to raise creativity. By and by possibilities for innovation were developed. A part of the team finally could attend an additional training which offered a big repertoire of possibilities during an innovation process: TRIZ, the theory of Inventive Thinking.

Fresh impulses for the Kaizen-Team
A company worked intensively on its 'Continious Improvement Process (CIP)' over years. Then the source of all ideas dried up. Within a 2-days workshop together we found out quite a lot of new starting points for improvement: A list of measures to be taken resulted out of this. The CIP Team could work on these points during more than a year.

Advanced Training in Creativity for the Future Management
A global corporation realised that creativity belongs to the potential of every manager. Therefore a training module was installed that covered exactly this need. Within 2,5 days the most important factors for creativity are presented. They are deepened with roleplays of the daily work situation. The participants get encouraged to bring in some examples of job-related problem situations. They may use the team at the seminar to help finding some solutions. This seminar is offered internationally in English and French as well as in German.

Monitoring a Company-wide Innovation Project
The CEO of a globak company had decided that all the employees should be invited to attend an innovation project. A special project-steering group was installed and this group invited 3 external consultants to help. The project started with a huge workshop where the interested employees could get information the decide about further participation and find out interesting goals of innovation. This task was done in an open space manner. Over 4 months the teams worked about 3 days per month for their projects. The were supported by me in the creativity and innovation process, by other colleagues in visional work and teambuilding. 11 teams presented their results in 2 stages to the board of directors. The board approved further financial budgets for all (!) of them and 3 of these projects are still alive after quite a lot of years.

These are only a few examples from some projects I could accompany during the last years. If you are interested in further details call me under phone +43 699-12872 859 or take your headset and call kreakaan at skype...